Introducing Lootbox, an exciting new feature where you can potentially win high-value rewards for a fraction of the price in a provably fair fashion!

Each Lootbox spin will give you a random item from a pre-defined list. The item can vary from bonus $OH tokens to 1 BTC, which is very much a "life-changing" reward.

Lootbox prize list:

  • 01 BTC

  • 01 ETH

  • 01 BNB

  • $50 worth of OH token

  • $20 worth of OH token

  • $10 worth of OH token

  • $20 Giftcode

  • $10 Giftcode

  • $5 Giftcode

How to get a Lootbox spin?

  • Own Elite Access NFTs: Each Elite Access NFT you own gives one spin.

  • Total buying amount >= $300: One spin.

  • Each $250 excess buying (after the first $300 purchase): One spin.

How to claim your prize?

PrizeHow to claim


Copy giftcode and go to Ohplay.club to claim

$OH token

100% claim at TGE, directly to user's EVM wallet


Claim on BEP-20 network, directly to user's EVM wallet

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