President Club

In the realm of blockchain technology, a token serves as a digital representation of value, assets, or specific rights within a decentralized network. Operating through smart contracts, these tokens come in various types, including utility tokens, which provide access to services or platforms, security tokens, indicating ownership in assets or companies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), representing unique digital assets like art or collectibles. Traditionally, tokens were simply perceived as a trading tool for profit, a voting right and governance vehicle, or access to exclusive services; rather than their ultimate purpose of platform ownership.

We design the $OH token as a security token, intended to function like a traditional investment asset. A security token represents an ownership stake in the platform's transferable value and promises profit sharing through casino operation. Think about investing in a company stock, like Apple. You will make money both through price increase and stock dividends, which can be in the form of stock or cash. While some other protocols offer similar dividend structures, the actual yield from these dividends is often unstable and based on the business activities of the company. As stated from the beginning, the sustainability of OhPlay's business models gives it advantages to bring a high and stable source of income for its token holders.

In short, owning a Casino NFT and leading a community make you eligible to join the President Club of OhPlay. There are various benefits, including an "up to 50% profit" privilege.

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