Unmasking the true value of the collection

The Elite Access NFT collection was created for those who want to change the face of the market and set their own rules.

OH Airdrop:

Owning a Elite Access NFT ensures your spot in our HUGE airdrop campaign. The $OH token will be transferred directly to your wallet after the snapshot time.

0.5% Bonus commission rate for ICO Referral:

Additional 0.5% commission rate for the NFT holders for every referral volume they made in the OH presales

1 Lootbox spin:

Have you participated in our Pre-sales rounds? Did you win the 1 BTC prize? If not, grab the Elite Access NFT immediately and come closer to winning the highest prize with 1 lucky spin, completely FREE.

Silver league level up:

The HUGE offer for newcomers!!! No need to play at least $10K to enter the Silver League, all you have to do is deposit your Elite Access NFT to the Ohplay platform and claim your new level with ALL benefits granted immediately.

90$ Giftcode:

Who's up for FREE money? You will be granted up to $90 within 3 months to win ALL the games in our platform.

Staking booster:

Stake your NFT along with $OH token to boost your earnings

Cashback and Ohplay referral commission bonus

More details will be shared soon

And that's not all! We have even more exciting features coming soon!

Are you ready to be a part of the future of gaming? Grab your Elite Access NFT today!

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