Make your money work for you, even when you're not playing.

What is OhPlay Game Bank?

OhPlay's Game Bank is a unique way to invest and earn passive income while contributing to the community. By becoming a part of the Game Bank, you position yourself on the house side of bets, and your earnings are determined by your share of the total Game Bank profit. The larger the Game Bank, the better the betting capacity, potentially leading to higher rewards for both gamblers and investors.

Why Should I Invest?

  • Profitable: Be the house and earn passive income from other gamblers' bets.

  • Real Yield: Your profit is given in the same tokens you invest; for instance, if you invest in USDT Game Bank, you receive USDT as your profit.

  • Analysis Tool: Access real-time information about Game Bank activities, trends, and other users' actions for informed investment decisions.

  • Leverage: Maximize profit by predicting Game Bank value movements and using leverage.

  • Secure: Ohplay uses advanced security measures like Threshold Signatures, making it highly secure against hacking attempts.

Remember, there are limited slots, and the maximum share is 30%, each representing 7% of the total Game Bank. Invest at the right time and amount for maximum profit.

Understand the risks

Be aware that Game Bank value may temporarily decrease due to gamblers' wins, and your investment's value may fluctuate with market changes. Invest cautiously.

Which Game Can I Invest In?

Currently, Crash Game Bank is available, with more investment opportunities coming soon for other games.

How to Invest?

Step 1: Access Game Bank

- Go to the Crash game and click the "Game Bank" button.

- Make sure your assets are set to display the Game Bank.

Step 2: Invest

- Check the "Overview" tab for real-time Game Bank status.

- Explore the chart, table, and other tabs for insights.

- When ready, enter the desired amount and click "Invest now."

Step 3: Manage Funds and Take Profits

- Track statistics in the "Overview" tab.

- Head to the "Withdraw" tab to retrieve profits back to your OhPlay account.

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