How to own NFT

Pioneering a smooth, provably fair NFT sale

Visit the Minting page: and wait for the mint phase on 96NFT, starting on May 28th:

There are 2 minting rounds as followed

1st Round: 09:00 - 12:00 AM UTC.

This round is for whitelisted users. No fee required. 170 NFTs available.

During this round, you need to connect your whitelisted wallet to complete the minting process and acquire the exclusive Ohplay Elite Access NFT.

2nd Round: 01:00 PM UTC until sold out.

A mint fee is required (0.6 SOL or an equivalent amount in USDC). 130 NFTs available.

In this round, ensure you connect the correct wallet and have the necessary funds ready to cover the minting cost and gas fees. We suggest using Phantom as the wallet for this step.

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