Instead of waiting for the full distribution of your tokens six months after the TGE, we offer a wager-to-vest method to shorten the vesting period and help you earn more $OH tokens. The $OH vesting tokens can be deposited into our platform to start the mechanism. Any wager made with other currencies (except FUN, CODG, and OH vesting tokens) accelerates the conversion from $OH vesting tokens to $OH tokens. Additionally, you can play the original games with $OH vesting tokens to earn more and then convert them to $OH.

Here is an example of how wager-to-vest works:

  • You purchased 10,000 $OH tokens and receive 30% of the tokens unlocked at TGE, while the remaining tokens vest linearly over the next six months.

  • Instead of waiting for six months, you deposit 50% of those tokens into Ohplay.club to facilitate the wager-to-vest mechanism.

  • You can play any games to earn more, and at the same time, increase the total wager amount. The volume you play determines the amount of $OH vesting tokens converted to $OH tokens within the platform, so you don't have to wait for the vesting schedule.

  • Additionally, you can play our original games with $OH vesting tokens to earn more tokens for conversion.

  • Furthermore, the revenue generated from your playing activities increases the size of the buyback and burn, as well as the staking rewards pool prize, leading to an upward trend in price and more $OH tokens being locked to share the revenue.

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