Original Games NFT


  • Pioneer in NFT-based gambling, enabling co-ownership in gaming.

  • Earn a daily revenue share of up to 15% from ALL casinos listed in the game

  • Exclusive ownership of the latest trending games featured in top crypto casinos, attracting a high daily player count.

  • A provably fair game, certified by iTechlab, a world-leading testing and certification laboratory for online gaming systems.

  • Supports multiple currencies and hosts daily events for an engaging gaming experience.

How to get profit from the Original Games NFT

The daily revenue of the Original Games NFT you own will be displayed on the Dashboard page of the website orisun.club. This allows you to check your daily income based on the number NFTs you hold. The formula determining the daily income is as follows:

Daily income = Daily income of the Game * 15% * Game NFT holding / Total Game NFT

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