VIP Program

The longest-playing and highest-betting players will be granted exclusive invitations to join our VIP club. We offer our members a premium experience and special bonuses.

VIP Club Benefits

  • Special Treats Each member of the VIP Club receives sweet Bonuses: Welcome VIP Bonus, VIP Birthday Bonus, VIP Personal Bonus, Bounty Bonus, Free Spins, Promo Codes, etc.

  • Personal VIP Manager: Your VIP Manager is your best friend on the platform. He will guide you through our platform's features and help you with any questions.

  • Highest Bonuses The Rank increases Cashback payouts. Moreover, being a VIP member provides better withdrawal distribution for Rakeback, Weekly, and Monthly Bonus.

How to become a VIP?

To join the VIP Club, you should reach the Silver level. However, if you belong to the VIP Club on another platform, you can use the special offer and apply for the VIP Transfer Program here

I've Become VIP: What Should I Do?

Congratulations if you have climbed the ladder of the Rank system so high. Now, you have access to all of the above Bonuses and perks. Your will receive an invitation to our VIP Club channel to receive exclusive information and bonus. Keep working on your progress and earn MUCH MORE with us!

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