Dice Trio's Electrifying Jackpot Event

Calling all Dice Trio enthusiasts! Get ready to experience a thrilling new twist on your favorite game with the Jackpot Streak Event. This exciting promotion puts a premium on both your lucky streaks and calculated risks, offering a chance to win a significant share of a growing prize pool!

Here's how it works:

  • Track Your Streaks: The key to this event lies in building winning or losing streaks. Every qualified bet you place (minimum $1 after refunds) contributes to your current streak. Disruptions in gameplay won't reset your progress, allowing you to strategically build your momentum.

  • The Power of 3 and 18: The outcome determines the winning pool. When the dice roll lands on 3, the prize is distributed amongst those with the longest losing streak. Conversely, a roll of 18 triggers the payout for the winning streak champions.

  • Multiple Winners, Shared Rewards: If multiple players share the same streak length, the one with the higher cumulative wager amount takes the higher rank, ensuring a fair distribution of prizes.

  • Ever-Growing Pot: The initial prize pool starts at a staggering $1,000! To keep the excitement alive, 0.05% of all bets (excluding refunds) will be continuously added to the pot, ensuring a substantial reward for the victors.

Prize Distribution Breakdown:

The prize pool is divided proportionally based on the leaderboard ranking, with the top 10 players in each streak category receiving a share. Here's a glimpse of the exciting payouts:

Don't miss out on this electrifying opportunity to test your skills and win big in Dice Trio's Jackpot Streak Event!

Start building your streaks today and see if fortune favors the bold!

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