Crash Event

Show off your prediction skills by cashing out just before the Crash point and earn daily prizes from the challenge

Crash has been a hot topic of conversation for quite some time, and with its significant winning potential, it's no surprise. This thrilling game is brimming with opportunities, especially when you play at the top Bitcoin casino, Your chances of winning skyrocket.

For the ultimate Crash adventure, join the 'Crush on Crash' contest to showcase your skills and compete for daily prizes while aiming for a sky-high multiplier to secure a big win.

Prizes breakdown

The daily prize pool in COD will be distributed among the winners according to the contest rules as follows:

  • The prizes will be transferred within 3 hours after the end of each day.

Terms and conditions

  • The Crush the Crash contest runs daily from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC

  • Rankings are calculated based on the differences between the Cash out point (Multiplier) and Crash point during each session. The smaller the difference, the higher the player's position on the leaderboard and the corresponding rewards.

  • If multiple participants achieve the same difference value, the higher position on the leaderboard is awarded to the participant with a higher multiplier value. If there are still multiple participants with the same difference and multiplier values, the higher position on the leaderboard is awarded to the participant with a higher wager amount.

  • The list of winning players will be updated daily throughout the program period. Only the final results at the end of each day will be used for awarding participants. Continuous ranking updates before 00:00 UTC of the following day serve as reference only and do not contribute to prize winnings.

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