The OhPlay vision

The human desire to take risk for a potential gain is getting bigger and is more widespread than ever. A generation of degens within and outside of crypto is upon the world. A bet was one of the first forms of contract used by ancient people.

Ohplay enters the space with the mission to break down the barriers, creating a protocol dependent on community participation and ownership.

Just like how for the Coinbase's and Binance's of the world we need Uniswap's & GMX's, so for the's we need decentralized alternatives. These alternatives will be opening for a vast number of contributors with different strengths: code, community, compute and capital who are the real owners of the ecosystem.

Ohplay’s approach embraces progressive decentralization by the first step is to decentralize the ownership, making it no longer a privilege for a select few, but a chance for anyone. Contribute, participate, and share in the rewards – that's the Ohplay revolution! In this exciting new era, parties come together, building a vibrant community where everyone wins.

Yet, if we are to bring the next billion users on-chain - even this may not be enough. There must be real feature innovation and big UX advancements. The on-chain variant of the industry has to be wild! Leveraging crypto's strengths such as composability, open design and financialization of all applications and wrapping it with risk-taking opportunities... It's the most ripe environment for additional risk overlays on top of existing games, apps, markets, metaverses and the likes.

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