Elite Access NFTs (Gamers' NFT)

The NFT revolution is expanding beyond art and collectibles! As the digital landscape grows, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are seamlessly integrating into various industries, impacting our daily lives. 2024 promises exciting transformations in the NFT market, driven by innovative uses and wider adoption. NFTs are not very widespread in the iGaming sector now, but some operators have already implemented the technology in their activities.

While some web3 casinos see NFTs as rewards or fundraising tools, these applications barely scratch the surface for gamers. We understand the need to combine artistic value with utility within the casino ecosystem. That's why we're introducing the 1st Ohplay Elite Access NFT Collection, designed to maximize your benefits within the Ohplay ecosystem!


Embrace the new era with the limited and exclusive Elite Access NFTs of Ohplay. Owning a casino is no longer a dream, as each of the Ohplay's Elite Access NFTs give the owner not only special privileges, but also a part of the casino ownership.

Only 3,000 NFTs will be minted and no more will ever exist. To get your hands on an NFT to get the exclusive benefits associated with it, buy it now on:

  • Ohplay - Elite Access NFTs sale page

  • Ohplay Marketplace

Total supply: 300 NFTs

Starting price: $100

Network: Solana

The real game-changer? Utility!

The next section dives into all the benefits you'll enjoy as an Elite Access NFT holder.

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